Release - 5.5.0 (latest)

5.5.0 (15-05-2023)

Release timeline:
Start date
End date
Planning phase
27-Feb, 2023
14-Mar, 2023
Sprint 1
15-Mar, 2023
5-Apr, 2023
Sprint 2
6-Apr, 2023
27-Apr, 2023
28-Apr, 2023
12-May, 2023
15-May, 2023
5.5 total scope: Link

Document Release Version

Release Version
Sunbird Knowlg
15 May 2023

1. Summary of the changes

This document contains information about the new features and enhancements planned to the Knowlg building block as part of release 5.5.0:
Enhancements: Click here to view the list.
Bug Fixes - click here to see the list of bugs fixed in this release.
Test Scenarios: NA
Documentation issue, release 5.4.0: KN-866

Release Tags:

In this release, we have published NPM package for the below editor and players web components. These NPM web components can help simplify web development by providing a standardized way to use editors and players in any UI framework, and which can save time and effort eventually.
And also we have introduced a oneclick-installation feature using Terraform,allowing easy provisioning of all services,databases and jobs .The installation process has been optimized to reduce manual configuration steps and simplify setup for new users.

Collection Editor as Web component:

Tag: 1.0.2
Install: npm i @project-sunbird/sunbird-collection-editor-web-component

Sunbird-pdf-player as Web component:

Tag: 1.0.1
Install: npm i @project-sunbird/sunbird-pdf-player-web-component

Sunbird-video-player as Web component:

Tag: 1.0.1
Install: npm i @project-sunbird/sunbird-video-player-web-component

Sunbird-epub-player as Web component:

Tag: 1.0.1
Install: npm i @project-sunbird/sunbird-epub-player-web-component



  • Terraform scripts have been implemented to automate the provisioning process, ensuring consistent and reliable deployments.
  • Terraform variables and templates have been added, providing users with the ability to customize the deployment according to their specific requirements.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions:

Follow the file from the below link for any specific configuration steps or considerations.