Using SDK to create and test the plugin

Install the ekstep-content-sdk

Install the node on your machine and follow the steps to install the EkStep content SDK and create a new plugin:

> npm install -g
> ekstep-content-sdk create <pluginname>
> ekstep-content-sdk serve <portnumber: default:8081>

Create a new plugin

Serve your plugins from your local dev environment

Enable SSL access for localhost

The local plugin repository, hosted by the EkStep-Content-SDK uses a self-signed certificate to provide SSL access to the plugins under development. You need to enable accessing the localhost with a self-signed certificate in your browser to avoid seeing a security warning. Follow the steps outlined here

Enable developer mode and load your plugins

  1. Create content and launch the interactive editor

  2. In the URL add &developerMode=1 and click enter to reload

  3. Now you can see the Add plugin button - click on it to see the editor discover your local plugins and get going That's it! Your developer environment is ready. Refer to the Plugin developer guide or a couple of Plugins from the repo to get started. You can keep editing, and reload the plugin again.

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