Content Upload

Q. How do you upload content on the platform?

The user must signed in with the registered credential and access the workspace. To access the workspace.

Q. How to upload files from your Workspace?

  1. Click Upload File tab. The Upload Content page is displayed.

  2. Browse and select the desired file for upload


Enter URL of the video ( If the file to be uploaded is a Youtube Video

Note: These are the valid and supported file types:

  • Text (*.pdf)

  • Video (*.mp4)

  • HTML Archive

  • You can upload only one file of maximum 25 MB at a time

  1. The file is automatically uploaded on selection

  2. On successful upload, the preview of the uploaded file is displayed

    • Click Send for Review, a page with a form is displayed which adds file metadata

    • Enter Name and select options from the dropdown list for Board, Medium, Subject and Grade

    • Select Audience from the drop-down list available. You can select among two types of audiences:

      a. Learner b. Instructor

  • Specify the Resource Type from the drop-down list provided on the page.

    • From the Concept field, select any concept(s) from the list displayed

    • Enter Keywords

    • Enter Attributions and Keywords

    • Click Save. You have successfully uploaded the file

The file is available on the portal for review to the designated reviewer.

Q. What is bulk upload? Is bulk upload possible on the platform?

Using the Bulk upload method you can add multiple content files simultaneously on the platform. You do not need to upload one file at a time

Q. How to bulk upload content on the platform?

To bulk upload content,

  1. Send a mail to, with the subject as request to bulk upload

  2. Supported file formats:

    • Text (.pdf) - Video (.mp4, .webm, YouTube URLs) - HTML - ECML (created using the inbuilt content editor) - EPUB - H5P

  3. File size should not exceed 25MB per file

  4. The team will respond with a form (excel file), seeking basic information on the nature of the content

  5. Reply to the mail after filling in the required details, such as file name, description, file type, subject, class

  6. This information will be used as metadata for each file. Metadata is important to make content searchable and usable by platform members

  7. Compress all the content files into one .zip file. The size of the zip file should not exceed 25MB

  8. Upload the .zip file on Google drive and share the link with or email the zipped folder to

  9. Ensure the following if the content is URL based:

    • The destination website uses HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (https) and not HyperText Transfer Protocol (http).

    • The destination website is enabled for cross origin resource sharing

    Note: Before sharing the .zip file, check that every author, or content creator is a registered user on the platform. To register on the platform, share your details at All content that is uploaded will be added with the creator’s credentials

  10. On receiving the .zip file, the Content PMU will review it before it is uploaded

  11. The status of all content uploaded in bulk will be ‘Draft’

  12. The system sends an email alert to the organization’s designated reviewers

  13. On reviewing the content, the reviewer either accepts or rejects it

  14. On accepting the content, the reviewer clicks Publish, to make the content live on the platform

Q. Can you upload content at regular intervals or is there a specific time window for content upload?

You can upload content anytime from anywhere provided you ave Internet connectivity.

Q. Are APIS required to pull content?

APIs are not required to pull content into the platform’s repository.

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