HTML-h5p Player - v1

HTML player is used to render the HTML type contents


Html Player is used to play the html and h5p files. These files can be renderer offline.

Mime type

"mimeType": "application/vnd.ekstep.html-archive"


Below is the configuration metadata to render/play html/h5p content:

"metadata": {
    "artifactUrl": "",
    "identifier": "do_21339805065209446416747",
    "mimeType": "application/vnd.ekstep.html-archive", // this could be html of h5p
    "streamingUrl": ""

Please refer to the config section of file of the below git repository


Interact with player

Interact with player by using the html interface library.

Add the following to your HTML Content:

The file_path is the relative path (eg. assets/js) to these files within the html content.

<!-- HTML Interface  JS library -->
<script src="[relative_path]/htmlinterface.js"></script>

//you can log telemetry interact event as shown below

Please refer to these developer documents for more information.

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