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Feature specific components

In this page, we map the capabilities offered by Knowlg to the various components in the Sunbird Knowlg building block. This view provides you understanding of what components are needed to enable a specific capability.

Rich & Diverse Assets


Enables users to define asset schema.

Organized Collections


Enables users to define asset schema and consists of APIs to organize the assets as a collection.

It is a pluggable tool used to create the collections.

Consumption - no player

There is no separate collection player however the assets linked to the collection can be played using the content-players V1 or V2.

Asset Lifecycle Management


Content service API's helps to curate the assets created by creators(using asset creation tools - editors). The lifecycle to curate the content Draft -> Review -> Publish

This tool helps user/creators to create the assets(ECML format).

Upload editor tool allows creators to create assets by a simple upload. Supports Video, PDF, HTML, H5P & EPUB format.

Consumption - Content player V1

Content player V1 enables users to consume content. This player is compatible with all asset format supported by sunbird platform.

Consumption - Content player's V2

This is enhanced or un-bundled version of content-player-V1. Unbundled to be lighter & specific to the format. For ex., video player to play video content, epub player to play epub content etc.

Powerful Discovery


This is a service offered for ease of discovery of assets. This service will expose the API's only to read & filter the assets.

This service helps to define your own framework to organize the assets in a specific structure. It also enables you to define the categories & tagging of assets.

Dependency - Content-service

The data in the content-service will be synced to the asset-search service for ease of discovery.

Phygital Discovery


Dial service

This service offers to generate the DIAL code & it can be linked to any asset. It also offers physical/digital discovery of the asset using a QR code image generated for each DIAL code.




All the services & tools of the Sunbird Knowlg generate wide list of telemetry events. These telemetry events help to analyze the user actions. Users can build their own reports as per their needs/requirements.

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