This page provides an explanation of the list of APIs that are utilized by the collection editor.

The DIAL service is used to generate, link, and check the status of the DIAL code.



To reserve DIAL codes for the collection.


To check the status of QR Code images generation of the reserved DIAL codes .


It is used for searching the DIAL codes of a channel.

It is used to organize your assets in a multi-level hierarchy and creation processes like Draft, Review, and Publish



It is used to update hierarchy of the collection.


This is used to fetch the collection hierarchy in the draft/review status.


It is used to send the collection for review.


To reject the collection which is up for review.


To publish the content which is up for review.

It is used to fetch the content metadata.



This is used to fetch the published content metadata.


It's used to fetch the channel details.



It is used to read a channel details.

The asset manager for easy creation and discovery of assets (Images, Videos, etc…)



It is used to create asset(media files) viz images, videos


It is used to fetch the pre-signed cloud URL location to upload asset.


It is used to upload the asset artifact to the pre-signed cloud URL location.

The asset search service provides services to search and discover assets.



Used for fetching objects such as Collection, Content, Asset, etc...

The framework service provides the ability to organize and manage. It is used to identify the “relevant” learning assets to be shown for users.



Fetching a specific framework

It is used to configure fields displayed in a form used in editors for the creation, modification, and viewing of an asset



It is used to read object category defination of a primary category. (Ex. Digital textbook, Explanation Resourse, etc...)

The user service is used to fetch the list of users for collaboration. It's optional service when collaboration feature is disabled in the editor.



For searching a particular user of a channel.

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