Content import and preview folder creation

Offline play

The v1 player is capable to play the content offline locally. Here are the steps to load the content locally:

  • Download and extract the ECAR file in a local folder.

  • Replace the existing ECAR of the content

    Got to  => sunbird-content-player/player/public/fixture-stories/custom_eval
    Replace => assets, index.json and widgets folder with extracted files
  • Refresh the page in the local environment.

Create a preview folder

The v1 player is capable to provide the build to verify the changes locally. Here are the steps to generate the preview folder locally:

  • Go to sunbird-content-player/player

  • Run the following command :-

    > npm run build-preview
  • ’The preview folder will create at the following path

  • Just copy and paste it into your project and follow the given instructions

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