Release - 5.3.0

5.3.0 (07-11-2022)

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Release timeline:

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Planning phase

7-Nov, 2022

18-Nov, 2022

Sprint 1

21-Nov, 2022

9 Dec 2022

Sprint 2

12 Dec 2022

30 Dec 2022


2 Jan 2023

13 Jan 2023


02 Feb 2023 (delayed 12 days)

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Sunbird Knowlg


02 February 2022

1. Summary of the changes

This document contains information about the new features and enhancements planned to the Knowlg building block as part of release 5.3.0:

Enhancements: Click here to view the list.

Bug Fixes - click here to see the list of bugs fixed in this release.

Bug verified (included in the above link):

  1. Collection Editor special character issue #KN-685

Knowlg specific bugs (included in the above link):

  1. HTML and H5P players preview is not available, but loading upto 100% #KN-505

  2. User is unable to download the content from file upload editor #KN-506

  3. User is unable to create new questions under resources #KN-545

  4. Portal : user is not able to move to next page in the epub content #KN-659

Hot fix bug (included in the above link):

  1. Content is not republished and migration version is as 1 for the live content. #KN-742

  2. CLONE - Search and Replace array lengths don't match: 2 vs 1 failure message is coming in bulk upload reports after doing bulk upload of h5p and html contents #KN-760 (could not be verified on Knowlg portal)

Test Scenarios: No new test scenarios

Documentation issue, release 5.3.0: KN-782

Config for Special Character issue in collection editor:

Please use the below config to fix the special character issue. Add pattern match to resolve the issue.

"validations": [
      "type": "pattern",
      "value": "[a-zA-Z0-9 _\\\/.'-]+$",
      "message": "Special characters are not allowed"

NOTE: There is no change in this release. So please use release-5.2.0 Tags.(There are some hot-fixes added on top of release-5.2.0. Please ensure you have upgraded to those tags)

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