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Sunbird Taxonomy is a powerful engine that allows multiple taxonomies and frameworks (for building curriculums, competency maps, etc.) to be defined within the platform so that assets can be organized and accessed accordingly.

The Taxonomy module enables flexibility to support multiple pedagogic frameworks, different ways of classification and organization of learning assets along with tools to allow the community to manage the taxonomy.


An open infrastructure for organizing knowledge across various learning content and frameworks to solve the discoverability of relevant content. Experts created taxonomies are highly sophisticated, as communities and content scale, it is very difficult for a community user to understand the taxonomy and it takes significant discipline to tag content. Taxonomy and tagging infrastructure is a generic service that allows a highly automated way to create and enrich taxonomies and allow tagging, aggregation and categorization of content.


  • Semantic Search and Discovery

  • Multilingual Search and Discovery

  • Ability to create vocabularies

  • Curation and tagging tools

  • Auto-tagging using Machine Learning

  • Telemetry data for policymaking

Taxonomy API

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