DIAL Service

Sunbird DIAL powers the discovery of learning Assets and certificates and bridge the physical to the digital journey of users. DIAL Service is a set of API that enables create, retrieve, delete, publi
DIAL refers to Digital Infrastructure for Augmented learning. Sunbird Knowlg uses the DIAL spec to power the phygital discovery of assets. It provides tools for DIAL code management. DIAL powers the discovery of digital resources using physical artefacts like QR codes, can be extended to other physical artefacts. DIAL code does the loose binding of digital assets with physical artefacts.
In practice physical artefacts will be published once, serving as coordinate to the discovery of digital resources. Digital resources can be published and modified later multiple times, this is done to improve digital resources. In short DIAL code serves as a coordinate for digital resources discovery, where the digital resources can be modified, improved and personalised at runtime.

DIAL code usage workflow

  • DIAL code act as a bridge between physical and digital artefacts
  • DIAL code is generated and linked to a folder in a collection
  • User scans the DIAL code and access all the linked assets in that folder
  • This enables easy extension and modification of assets accessed through a DIAL code
DIAL code as coordinate to discover digital coordinates


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