Assets search service

The Assets search microservice provides ability to search and discover assets on the platform. Composite search API can be used for fetching all types of objects in the application ('Content', 'ContentImage', 'Collection', 'CollectionImage', 'QuestionSet', 'QuestionSetImage', 'Asset', 'Channel', 'Framework', 'ObjectCategory', 'ObjectCategoryDefintion', 'License', 'Question', etc. )
Any of the attributes of object model can be used in the filters. By default, composite search API returns objects having 'status' as "Live" and "visibility" as "default". Default result 'limit' is 100.

API Search Filter Operators:

Filters are by default searched based on equals match, that is case insensitive but the request can specify other operators to search against the fields. These are as follows:
String fields:
  • Default - String match, contains case insensitive
  • startsWith - String match, starts with
  • endsWith - String match, ends with
  • contains - contains match
  • value - contains match
  • Array - Exact match with any of the given values
Number fields:
  • Default - Equals
  • >= - Greater than or equals
  • > - Greater than
  • <= - Less than or equals
  • < - Less than
  • Array - Exact match with any of the given values
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