Epub Player - v1


Epub Player is used to play the epub files and user can navigate and see the location of the epub file page. The epub file can be renderer online and offline.

Mime type

mimeType: "application/epub"


Below is the configuration metadata to render/play EPUB content:

"metadata": {
    mimeType: "application/epub",
    artifactUrl: "https://sunbirdstagingpublic.blob.core.windows.net/sunbird-content-staging/content/assets/do_2132443770726891521736/famouspaintings.epub"
    contentType: "Resource",
    identifier: "do_2132443770726891521736"
    mediaType: "content",
    streamingUrl: "https://sunbirdstagingpublic.blob.core.windows.net/sunbird-content-staging/content/assets/do_2132443770726891521736/famouspaintings.epub"


  1. Location This is a default feature and help user to understand current page number and total number of pages

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