This page answers frequently asked questions about Object Category and Object Category Definition.

How to create an object category definition?

In order to create object category definition, master category of the primary category should be created first.

Can I change datatype of a property using object category definition?

No, datatype of a property cannot be changed. Only, property value range list and default value of a property can be updated using the object category definition API.

Is it mandatory to mention all properties of object schema during object category definition creation?

No, only necessary properties to be overriden can be mentioned.

Can I add new properties to object schema using object category definition instead of schema.json?

Yes, new properties can be added to object category definition.

How to fetch list of primaryCategories defined/configured in the System?

List of configured primary categories can be fetched using 'Composite Search API'. { "request": { "filters": { "status": [], "objectType":["ObjectCategoryDefintion","ObjectCategory"] }, "limit": 100, "sortby": "Desc" } }

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