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Collection Editor - V2

Multilevel hierarchy contents like Book, Course, Collection, etc.
Collection Editor - V2 is a generalized editor which can be used for creating, viewing and editing multiple types of learning assets that are assets of collection mime-type. They can be - a collection of content (like textbook, course, program etc.), a Question set (collection of questions) or any other object type that is a collection of other objects. The generalized collection editor has the following benefits:
  • Ensure all existing collection categories like textbook, course use the same code. Hence, ease of maintenance.
  • Editors for new collection categories can be enabled with minimal or no coding.


  • Efficient and performant handling of large data sets
  • Ability to load dynamic reactive forms and validations of form through configuration
  • Configuration driven architecture
  • The asset manager for easy creation and discovery of assets (Images, Videos, etc…)
  • Ability to organize your assets in a multi-level hierarchy
  • Ability to generate and link DIALcode(QRCodes) to any level of hierarchy.
  • Ability to preview linked assets
  • Collaboration of users
  • Collection creation processes like Draft, Review, and Publish

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