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Taxonomy Framework powers the knowledge arrangement as per domain. The Framework enables this by providing the ability to tag an asset with attributes required by the domain.
Domain-specific tagging ensure the tagging enables at asset is relevant and helps in assets discovery by navigation and search.
Take an example of school education, assets created for K-12 can have taggable attributes like BOARD, GRADE, MEDIUM and SUBJECT. Users can search assets based on Grade, Medium Subject or Board, Or they can Navigate to relevant assets starting from Board -> Grade -> Medium-> Subject. This will narrow down the asset at each level and ensure only relevant assets are given to users.


There are more than ten million teachers in India, many syllabi, many textbooks, varied pedagogic styles, methods, teaching techniques, and a wide diversity of student demographics and contexts. Taxonomy and tagging infrastructure makes it possible to easily categorize knowledge and makes it discoverable.
Taxonomy framework enables
  • Efficient way of organizing digital assets
  • Help users discover relevant content efficiently
  • Different frameworks can be created for different needs
  • Each organization can define their frameworks
Taxonomy framework usecase
Taxonomy framework usecase